Inuit Studies Conference in DC

We would like to invite you and your students to the 18th Inuit Studies Conference, to be hosted this October 24th-28th by the Arctic Studies Center of the Smithsonian Institution.  The conference brings together researchers, Inuit, northern specialists, and agency representatives to discuss a broad range of topics affecting Inuit life in Alaska, Arctic Canada, Greenland, and Chukotka, Russia.  With a 160-year record of northern research and collections and a strong emphasis on exhibits, publications, and public education, the Smithsonian Institution is proud to host this international gathering.  This is the first Inuit Studies Conference to be hosted in the contiguous United States.

We’re looking for a number of volunteers to help during the conference and would greatly appreciate your help in distributing this information to your students and encouraging student volunteers.  I’ve attached our volunteer flyer, so please feel free to send it out as you see fit.  This is a great opportunity for students to be involved in the conference, learn about the Arctic, and meet Inuit from across the circumpolar north as well as top researchers in the field.  Volunteers at the conference who work two shifts will be able to attend the entire conference for free, and those who work a third shift will also be invited to the Opening Reception for free.  Light refreshments will be available for all volunteers throughout the day.

In addition, Inuit Studies Conference committee members are available over the next few weeks to speak at nearby universities about their research in various areas, so please let me know if you would be interested in hosting one of them.

Conference themes include

  • Heritage Museums, and the North
  • Globalization: An Arctic Story
  • Power, Governance and Politics in the North
  • The ‘New’ Arctic: Social, Cultural and Climate Change
  • Inuit Education and Health
  • Inuit Languages and Literature
  • Inuit Art, Film and Media: Visual Anthropology of the North
  • Perceptions of the Past, A More Inclusive Archaeology
  • We will also have a film festival and native art exhibitions and performances.

Best Wishes,

Nikki Mason
Volunteer Coordinator
Inuit Studies Conference 2012
Intern, Arctic Studies Center, NMNH

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