“Thinking Allowed Award” for ethnography

The BSA (British Sociological Association) is delighted to announce it has teamed up with BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed to create a new annual award for ethnography. The inaugural Thinking Allowed Award for Ethnography will aim to recognize the study that has had the biggest influence in ethnography, having made a significant contribution to our knowledge and understanding of a relevant area of research.

Trophies. Flickr/Snap®
The Award is open to all U.K. residents currently employed as a teacher/researcher or studying as a postgraduate in a U.K. institution of higher education, so if you are completing/or will have completed ethnographic research this year we are keen to hear from you!

Judging the Award will be Professor Dick Hobbs, Professor Henrietta Moore, Dr. Louise Westmarland, and BSA member Professor Bev Skeggs, with BBC Radio 4’s Professor Laurie Taylor acting as Chair. They will be looking for work that demonstrates sound methodology and clarity, as well as flair and originality, before selecting six finalists to compete for the prize.

From this shortlist, the Panel will choose an overall winner to be announced at the BSA Annual Conference in April 2014, where the winner will be presented with a check for £1,000.

For further information and details on how to enter, please visit the BBC Thinking Allowed webpage.

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