Journal article submissions sought on impact of anthropology

Anthropology in Action Special Issue on Impact of Anthropology

In a range of countries, the public ‘value’ of and support for a range of academic disciplines has been questioned and debated. Following the  recent Research Excellence Framework Exercise in the UK, which introduced formal assessment of ‘research impact’, it is timely to reflect on the engagement of anthropology with public policy and practice and how it makes an impact on these spheres. We invite submissions of articles and comment or debate pieces or other contributions reflecting on the issue of ‘impact’ including questions such as: how do we define and measure impact? How do anthropologists engage with public policy and discourse in order to make an impact? How do anthropologists and anthropology departments represent themselves as having impact? Contributions are welcome from any country.

Contributions will be reviewed by editorial board members and selected for inclusion in a special issue of the journal in 2015. This issue  will follow on shortly from the announcement of the results of the UK REF exercise.  The closing date for submissions to the special issue will be 31st October 2014. The journal’s guidelines can be found via the link below.

Submission should be made by e-mail to the editor:

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